Bad Credit Loans


Having bad credit doesn't mean you can no longer take out the loan you need.  We understand life's uncertainties and we all experienced some difficulties in the past.  We will try to get you the loan you need despite having bad credit, although there are several things that needs to be considered, such as:

  • Availability of security

  • The nature of defaults you have

  • The amount of outstanding defaults

  • The number of outstanding defaults

  • Any ongoing payment arrangements

  • How recent these defaults are

  • The reasons behind these bad credit

  • Any insolvencies or judgments

  • Current employment stability

  • Overall financial conduct

Loans for bad credit

Bad credit may not be looked upon in a positive light, but each lender have different ways of looking at your defaults.  Some lenders will look beyond your past difficulties based on the nature of your adverse credit and your overall credit profile.

If you're on WINZ benefit, please refer to our FAQ page before you apply.  Lender credit criteria will apply.