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Car Loans

With a pre-approved car loan you can buy with confidence and within budget either from a car dealer, from Trade Me or from a private seller, even before you find the car you like.  If you already found your dream car and need financing, you can get an approval within the day.  We'll help you get your new car quick, easy and on time, even if you have bad creditRead more

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Personal Loans


We will try to get you a quick approval for the cash you need within a couple of hours.


There are two types of personal loans available to you:

Unsecured Personal Loans – Available under high level of consideration, but no security required, for those with proven income stability and good credit history

Secured Personal Loans – Available to a wider range of borrowers, especially if you have bad credit or on benefit. 

If you're on benefit, please refer to our FAQ page before you apply.  Read more


Debt Consolidations

Manage all your debts into one easy to pay loan.  Retire your existing car loan, personal loans, hire purchases and credit card balances through loan consolidation. You might even get extra cash on top for your other needs. The benefits of debt consolidation are:


  • Better management of your finances.

  • You can budget your finances better with lower debt repayments.

  • Enjoy lower interest rates when refinancing high rate credit cards. 

  • Release your car from finance in favour of an unsecured personal loan.

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Make you budget easier with a debt consolidation New Zealand

If you're on benefit, please refer to our FAQ page before you apply.


Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit car loans and personal loans New Zealand

Having bad credit doesn't mean you can no longer take out the loan you need.  We understand life's uncertainties and all of us experienced some difficulties in the past. 

There are lenders who are willing to accommodate clients with bad credit based on the nature of defaults you have and your overall credit profile.  Security is required.

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If you're on benefit, please refer to our FAQ page before you apply. 

*Lender credit criteria applies.